Make personal safety your superpower!

D.I.R.T. Dangerous Individual Recognition Training® will teach you the body language of dangerous people, the mindset needed to identify them quickly, and the strategies required to respond confidently if a situation demands it.

Each D.I.R.T. course is the ultimate, learn-at-your-own-pace personal safety program designed to take your awareness to the next level and empower you with the skills to keep yourself and your family safe.  

Life-Changing. Life-Saving.

Body language is the outward manifestation of personality, emotions, and intent. If you can accurately decode someone’s body language, it’s as if you can read their mind and predict what that person is likely to do next. 

10 Reasons for Learning to Decode Body Language:

1. It can help you identify potentially dangerous or threatening situations: By paying attention to nonverbal cues, you can get a sense of whether someone is acting aggressively or dishonestly and take steps to protect yourself accordingly.

2. It can help you detect lies: People often deviate from their baseline (normal) nonverbal behavior when lying, as the act causes stress. Your ability to recognize these behavioral changes or 'red flag' signals allows you a chance to extricate from the situation or take other affirmative action.

3. It can help you build stronger relationships: Understanding body language can help you communicate more effectively with others and can also help you better understand their feelings and intentions.

4. It can help you manage your own nonverbal communication: By being aware of your own body language, you can better control how you come across to others and avoid sending confusing or misleading signals.

5. It can help you negotiate more effectively: By reading the body language of others, you can get a sense of their willingness to compromise or their level of commitment to a particular position, which can be helpful in negotiations.

6. It can help you build trust: By being aware of your own body language and the body language of others, you can build trust by being open and honest in your communication.

7. It can help you de-escalate conflicts: By understanding the nonverbal cues that may indicate someone is feeling threatened or aggressive, you can use your own body language to defuse the situation and reduce the risk of violence.

Former British Royal Marines Commando & creator of the D.I.R.T. personal safety workshops & courses Terry Vaughan

Course Creator

Terry Vaughan is a former British Royal Marines Commando, small arms, and combatives instructor, who now educates corporate groups in mindset, strategy, and body language for personal safety.

In addition, he delivers presentations across the country on the topics of leadership, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.

He was a competitor on the History Channel's "Top Shot," has worked as a television host for the BBC and GUNTV, and is the author of "Not With My Daughter! A Dad's Guide to Screening Dates and Boyfriends.